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Local Rules Effective August 2, 2021




Effective Date: August 2, 2021

Local Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure for the District of Connecticut, effective August 2, 2021
(Downloadable/Bookmarked PDF, including appendices)

General Order 2020-1 Adoption of Interim Bankruptcy Rules Regarding the Small Business Reorganization Act of 2019 (SBRA), effective February 19, 2020, until further order of the Court.

General Order Regarding Temporary Suspension of Requirement to Obtain Debtors Original Signatures, effective March 23, 2020, until further order of the Court.

General Order 2020-2 Adoption of Interim Bankruptcy Rules Relating to SBRA Interim Rules with Amendments Necessitated by CARES Act and Notice of Amended Official Forms, effective April 22, 2020, until further order of the Court.

General Order 2021-1 Adoption of the General Order issued by the U.S. District Court for the District of Connectict regarding Procedures for the Filing, Service, and Management of Highly Sensitive Documents, effective immediately, until further order of the Court.


Part I. Commencement of Case; Proceedings Relating to Petition and Order of Relief

Local Bankr. R. 1001-1  Scope, Incorporation of District Court Rules, and Short Title

Local Bankr. R. 1001-2  Definitions

Local Bankr. R. 1002-1  Commencement or Continuance of Case Without Counsel

Local Bankr. R. 1002-2  Notice to Office of United States Trustee Regarding Filing of a Chapter 11 Petition

Local Bankr. R. 1004-1  Business Entity Petition

Local Bankr. R. 1006-1  Filing Fees – Required Filing Fee, Petition Filing Fee, Application to Pay Filing Fee in Installments, Application to Have the Chapter 7 Filing Fee Waived, and Manner of Payment

Local Bankr. R. 1007-1  Lists, Schedules, and Statements

Local Bankr. R. 1009-1  Amendments to Creditor Lists, Schedules, and Statements

Local Bankr. R. 1015-1  Joint Administration

Local Bankr. R. 1017-1  Contemporaneous Petition

Local Bankr. R. 1019-1  Conversion of Case to Chapter 7 or 13; Documents Required to Be Filed

Local Bankr. R. 1022-1  Assignment and Reassignment of Cases within the District

Part II. Officers and Administration; Notices; Meetings; Examinations; Elections; Attorneys and Accountants

Local Bankr. R. 2002-1  Notice and Service to Creditors and Other Interested Parties

Local Bankr. R. 2002-2  Omnibus Hearing Calendar

Local Bankr. R. 2004-1  Rule 2004 Examinations

Local Bankr. R. 2014-1  Employment of Professionals

Local Bankr. R. 2014-2  Retention of Ordinary Course Professionals

Local Bankr. R. 2015-1  Post-Confirmation Reports

Local Bankr. R. 2016-1  Compensation of Professionals

Local Bankr. R. 2016-2  Compensation of Debtor’s Counsel in Chapter 13 Cases

Local Bankr. R. 2017-1  Committees in Chapter 9, 11, and 12 Cases

Part III. Claims and Distribution to Creditors and Equity Interest Holders; Plans

Local Bankr. R. 3001-1  Proofs of Claim: Secured Claims in Individual Debtor Cases

Local Bankr. R. 3003-1  Filing Proofs of Claim or Interest in a Chapter 9 or 11 Case, Notice to Disputed, Contingent, Unliquidated Creditors

Local Bankr. R. 3007-1  Claim Objections

Local Bankr. R. 3007-2  Omnibus Claim Objection Procedures

Local Bankr. R. 3007-3  Estimation of Claims

Local Bankr. R. 3014-1  Time for Secured Creditor to Exercise Election under Bankruptcy Code Section 1111(b) in Subchapter V Case

Local Bankr. R. 3015-1  Chapter 12 – Confirmation

Local Bankr. R. 3015-2  Chapter 13 – Confirmation

Local Bankr. R. 3016-1  Chapter 11 – Plan

Local Bankr. R. 3017-1  Transmission and Notice of Plan and Disclosure Statement

Local Bankr. R. 3017-1.1  Consideration of Disclosure Statement in a Small Business Cases

Local Bankr. R. 3017-2  Approval of Disclosure Statement in Small Business Cases

Local Bankr. R. 3018-1  Certification of Acceptances and Rejections of Chapter 11 Plans

Local Bankr. R. 3020-1  Chapter 11 – Confirmation

Local Bankr. R. 3022-1  Application for Final Decree

Part IV. The Debtor: Duties and Benefits

Local Bankr. R. 4001-1  Automatic Stay; Relief from Stay Worksheet

Local Bankr. R. 4001-2  Continuation or Imposition of Automatic Stay

Local Bankr. R. 4001-3  Use of Cash Collateral and Debtor in Possession Financing

Local Bankr. R. 4001-4  Loan Modifications

Local Bankr. R. 4002-1  Documents to Be Delivered to Trustee Prior to Section 341 Creditors’ Meeting

Local Bankr. R. 4004-1  Entry of Discharge in Individual Chapter 11, Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 Cases

Part V. Courts and Clerks

Local Bankr. R. 5003-1  Clerk of Court– General Authority

Local Bankr. R. 5005-1  Filing Papers – Requirements

Local Bankr. R. 5010-1  Reopening Cases

Local Bankr. R. 5011-1  Withdrawal of Reference

Local Bankr. R. 5073-1  Photography, Broadcasting, Recording and Televising

Part VI. Collection and Liquidation of the Estate

Local Bankr. R. 6004-1  Sale of Estate Property - General

Local Bankr. R. 6004-2  Sales and Sale Procedures Motions 

Local Bankr. R. 6004-3  Statement under FRBP 6004(f)(1)

Local Bankr. R. 6005-1  Employment of Auctioneers

Local Bankr. R. 6005-2  Employment of Appraisers

Local Bankr. R. 6070-1  Tax Returns and Tax Refunds in Chapter 12 and 13 Cases

Part VII. Adversary Proceedings

Local Bankr. R. 7001-1  Adversary Proceedings – General

Local Bankr. R. 7002-1  Adversary Proceeding Cover Sheet

Local Bankr. R. 7005-1  Service of Pleadings and Other Papers by Electronic Means

Local Bankr. R. 7007-1  Motion Practice

Local Bankr. R. 7007-2  Briefs

Local Bankr. R. 7012-1  Motions to Dismiss

Local Bankr. R. 7016-1  Pretrial Procedures

Local Bankr. R. 7026-1  Discovery; Duty of Disclosure; Filing of Discovery

Local Bankr. R. 7037-1  Discovery Disputes

Local Bankr. R. 7055-1  Default and Default Judgment 

Local Bankr. R. 7056-1  Summary Judgment

Local Bankr. R. 7064-1  Seizure of Person or Property

Local Bankr. R. 7067-1  Registry Fund

Part IX. General Provisions

Local Bankr. R. 9006-1  Computing and Extending Time

Local Bankr. R. 9010-1  Appearances

Local Bankr. R. 9013-1  Form of Pleading of Certain Contested Matters

Local Bankr. R. 9013-2  Motions Filed with Petition in Chapter 11 Cases

Local Bankr. R. 9014-1  Contested Matters and Contested Matter Procedure

Local Bankr. R. 9019-1  Motions to Compromise

Local Bankr. R. 9019-2  Alternative Dispute Resolution

Local Bankr. R. 9027-1  Removal.

Local Bankr. R. 9036-1  Notice and Service by Electronic Transmission

Local Bankr. R. 9070-1  Exhibits

Local Bankr. R. 9077-1  Sealed Documents

Local Bankr. R. 9083-1  Attorneys – Admission to Practice

Local Bankr. R. 9083-2  Attorneys – Discipline and Disbarment

Local Bankr. R. 9083-3  Attorneys – Requirement of Local Counsel

Local Bankr. R. 9083-4  Attorneys – Withdrawals

Local Bankr. R. 9083-5  Change of Contact Information or Name

Local Bankr. R. 9083-6  Establishment of Pro Bono Panel and Referral of Pro Bono Counsel



Appendix A  Administrative Procedures for Electronic Case Filing Revised October 12, 2021
Appendix B Relief from Stay Worksheet Effective September 4, 2018
Appendix C    Fee Application Cover Sheet Effective September 4, 2018
Appendix D  Guidelines for Compensation and Expense Reimbursement of Professionals Effective September 4, 2018
Appendix E      Local Form Chapter 13 Plan and Instructions Effective September 4, 2018
Appendix F     Chapter 12 Operating Order Effective September 4, 2018
Appendix G  Guidelines regarding Sale of Substantially All Assets Under 11 U.S.C. § 363, Overbids and Fees Effective September 4, 2018
Appendix H  Checklist for Motions and Orders Pertaining to the Use of Cash Collateral and Post-Petition Financing Effective September 4, 2018
Appendix I  Documents to Be Produced to Trustee in Chapter 7 Cases Prior to Section 341 Creditor’s Meeting Effective September 4, 2018
Appendix J    Documents to Be Produced to Trustee in Chapter 13 Cases Prior to Section 341 Creditor’s Meeting Effective September 4, 2018
Appendix K   Order and Notice to Disputed, Contingent, and Unliquidated Creditors Effective September 4, 2018
Appendix L  List of Government Agency Addresses Effective September 4, 2018
Appendix M  Motions/Applications that do not follow Contested Matter Procedure Effective August 2, 2021
Appendix N Exceptions to Contested Matter Procedure Effective August 2, 2021
Appendix O Local Forms Notice of Proposed Private Sale of Estate Property and Notice of Public Sale of Estate Property Revised September 30, 2021
Appendix P Pro Bono Program Panel and Instructions Effective August 2, 2021