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Local Bankr.R.7016-1

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Local Bankr. R. 7016-1 Pretrial Procedures.

(a)     Initial Pretrial Conference-Initial Pretrial Order/Initial Joint Pretrial Order.

Upon the filing of the complaint, a summons will be issued which will contain a date and time for the initial pretrial conference in the adversary proceeding. Unless otherwise ordered, an initial pretrial order/initial joint pretrial order shall be filed seven (7) days before the initial Pretrial Conference scheduled in the adversary proceeding. If the defendant(s) has/have not appeared seven (7) days prior to the initial pretrial conference, the plaintiff shall file the initial pretrial order. If the defendant(s) has/have appeared, the parties shall file an initial joint pretrial order. The initial pretrial order/initial joint pretrial order shall contain the following information:

(1)      a summary of the claims and defenses of each party;

(2)      a list of any additional matters that might aid in scheduling or the disposition of the case; and

(3)      the signature of each attorney.

(b)    Conflict Between Orders and Local Rules.

If a conflict exists between any pretrial order, joint pretrial order, scheduling order, or other order entered by the Court in an adversary proceeding and these Local Bankruptcy Rules, the provisions of the order(s) of the Court shall control in the adversary proceeding.