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Preferred Forms of Proposed Orders



1.     Order Approving/Denying Compensation (Final) with or without U.S. Trustee Statement Chapters 7/11 and13.

2.     Order Approving/Denying Compensation (Interim) with or without U.S. Trustee Statement Chapters 7 and11

3.     Order Approving/Denying Compensation under 1,000.00 with U.S. Trustee Statement Chapters 7 and11

4.     Determine Secured Status of Claims for Chapters 11 and 13

5.     Order Granting/Denying Dismissal Chapter 13 Case filed by the Debtor, Trustee or Creditor

6.     Order Granting/Denying Dismissal Chapter 7 Case With or Without Prejudice filed by Debtor, Trustee or Creditor

7.     Extending Automatic Stay

8.     Extending Automatic Stay Pending Hearing

9.     Extension of Time to File a Complaint Objecting to Dischargeability and or Discharge of Debtor pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §§523 and/ or 727

10.   Extension of Time to File Schedules and Statements or Other Documents

11.   Final Decree Closing Case (Business & Individual Chapter 11)

12.   Motion to Avoid Lien

13.   Order Sustaining/Overruling Objection to Proof of Claim(s)

14.   Relief from Automatic Stay Chapters 7/11 and13 with orwithout14 day waiver. 362(d)(l) and(2)

15.   Relief from Automatic Stay In Rem Chapters 7/ 11 and13- 362(d)(4)(A) and/or (B)

16.   Relief from Stay 362(d)(l), (2) and (4) and In Rem Relief from Stay §§364(d)(4)(A) and / or (8)

17.   Reopen Case for all Chapters

18.   Rule 2004 Examination of Debtor or Non-Debtor