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Transcript Request (Ordering Procedure)



The United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Connecticut will not make a recommendation of any transcription company or transcribers to be used.

A List of Transcribers is provided, but again, the list is not a recommendation of any transcriber over another. The List of Transcribers is a list of transcribers with a confirmed, active CM/ECF e-filing account with our Court.

Note: Prior to selecting a transcriber and filing your Request for Transcript (AO form 435), search the case docket for any prior requests of the same transcript. If a transcript request for the same hearing has already been assigned to a transcriber, then contact that transcriber for a copy of the transcript.

Note: Parties anticipating the need for a daily transcript or overnight transcript are strongly encouraged to make arrangements with the Court Reporter in advance of filing their request for transcript. Via email, also inform the courtroom deputy of the intended daily transcript order.


When a transcript is ordered, the first party to order it pays the original transcript rate, and subsequent requester's pay a copy rate (see Maximum Per Page Transcript Rates). When a court reporter or transcriber delivers the original transcript to the ordering party, the court reporter or transcriber is also required to file a certified electronic copy to the clerk of court. The Judicial Conference has made it explicit that official court reporters may charge only copy fees for transcripts provided to parties when the original transcript was produced at the request of a judge.

See the U.S. Courts site for Maximum Per Page Transcript Rates.


When requesting a transcript of a hearing held at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Connecticut, please do the following:

Select a transcriber from the List of Transcribers above.  You should also contact that transcriber to confirm availability and pricing rate depending on how quickly the order should be completed. (See Pricing Rates)

If you are filing the Request for Transcript electronically, docket as follows:

  1. Bankruptcy/Adversary>Transcripts>Request for Transcript
  2. Attach the completed AO form 435 in pdf format at the browse screen
  3. Select the name of the party ordering the transcript. If the party does not appear on the pick list, select the hyperlink for add/create new party.
  4. Enter the date of hearing held
  5. At the prompt, "does this relate to a notice of appeal" enter yes or no
  6. From the list displayed on the screen, select the transcriber to be used

If you do not have electronic filing capabilities, mail your transcript request to the court where the case is pending. Visit the court’s website at www.ctb.uscourts for the court’s mailing addresses.

Upon receipt of the Request for Transcript, the Clerk’s Office will prepare and transmit your request to the selected court reporter

The transcript will appear on the court docket once it is filed by the Transcriber.