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Requests for Notice

For more information, see Clerk's Announcement 2022-05

Effective December 1, 2022, the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Connecticut no longer processes “Requests for Notice” filed with the Court. Requests for Notice filed by “interested” parties are not authorized by statute or rule and have become an unnecessary burden to the Court. Upon filing a Request for Notice, an “interested” party would be added to the service list for the bankruptcy case or adversary proceeding. The Court would then mail paper copies of orders and notices to the “interested” party through the Bankruptcy Noticing Center (“BNC”) – an added expense to the Court in both time and money. In addition, other parties in the cases or adversary proceedings would take on the additional burden to serve “interested” parties which are not participants in a dispute.

Parties in interest, litigants, or observers that have only a CM/ECF Limited User privileges or no CM/ECF filing privileges, but wish to receive notice and service of documents filed in a bankruptcy case or adversary proceeding, must file either:

  • Local Form “Request and Consent To Electronic Notice and Service of Documents” CTB-LF9036-1A1 or CTB-LF9036-1A2, in accordance with D. Conn. Bankr. L.R. 9036-1(a) and this Court’s Administrative Procedures for Electronic Case Filing; or
  • "Notice of Pro Se Filer/Litigant Appearance" in accordance with D. Conn. Bankr. L.R. 9010-1(b)(3) on Connecticut Local Form Notice of Pro Se Filer/Litigant Appearance (for individual Pro Se Filers or Pro Se Litigants only).

Parties in interest that have a CM/ECF Filer account, that wish to receive notice and service of documents filed in a bankruptcy case or adversary proceeding must:

  • File a Notice of Appearance.

COURTESY EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS (does not constitute notice of service):

  • For parties with CM/ECF Filer or Limited User privileges that would like to monitor a case or an adversary proceeding without entering an appearance and without requesting and consenting to electronic notice and service, this can be accomplished by adding a case to your CM/ECF “Case List” through “Maintain Your ECF Account” under the Utilities menu in CM/ECF. (see instructions below). NOTE: Courtesy email notifications do NOT constitute notice or service.

See Local Forms and the Clerk's Notice at


NOTE: Courtesy notifications do not constitute notice or service

Log into your CM/ECF account and select Utilities menu item and do the following:
1. Select “Maintain Your ECF Account”.
2. Once in “Maintain Your ECF Account” section, click on the “Email Information” button at the bottom of the screen.
          a. Do not edit your name or address information from this screen.
              Updates to name or mailing address should be submitted from
3. Take this opportunity to add or modify a secondary email address into the profile.
          a. Do not edit the primary email address from this screen.
              Updates to your primary email address this should be submitted from
4. Check the box “Send Notices in these Additional Cases”
5. Enter a case number into the field.
6. IMPORTANT: Click on “Find this Case” button to confirm the case number.
7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for all cases you wish to follow.
8. When complete, click on “Return to Account screen”, at bottom.
9. IMPORTANT: On the Account Screen, you must click “Submit” to save the case list.