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Chapter 7 $335.00
Chapter 9 $1,717.00
Chapter 11 (non-railroad)                             $1,717.00
Chapter 12 $275.00
Chapter 13 $310.00
Chapter 15 (formerly known as "ancillary proceeding") $1,717.00
Adversary Proceeding $350.00
Notice of Removal $350.00


Appeal (must also pay Notice of Appeal fee) $293.00
Cross Appeal (must also pay Notice of Appeal fee) $293.00
Notice of Appeal3 $5.00

Direct Bankruptcy Appeal to Court of Appeals4   (must also Pay Notice of Appeal fee)

(For Requesting)  $293.00
  (Once Authorized)  $207.00
Relief from Stay $181.00
Sale of Property Free & Clear of Liens $181.00
Redact (fee charged per case) $25.00
Withdraw the Reference under 28 U.S.C. 157(d) $181.00
Compel Abandonment $181.00
To Split:  
Chapter 7 $335.00
Chapter 11 $1,717.00
Chapter 12 $275.00
Chapter 13 $310.00
Convert Chapter 9 to  Chapter 7 $15.00
Convert Chapter 11 to Chapter 7 $15.00
Convert Chapter 13 to Chapter 7 $25.00
Convert Chapter 12 to Chapter 7 $60.00
Convert Chapter 7 to Chapter 11 $922.00
Convert Chapter 13 to Chapter 11 $932.00
To Reopen a Case:6 $1,167.00
 Chapter 7                               $260.00
Chapter 9 $1,167.00
Chapter 11 $1,167.00
Chapter 12 $200.00
Chapter 13 $235.00
Chapter 15 $1,167.00


Miscellaneous Fees

Amendments to a Petition:  

Schedules D, E, F and/or Mailing List/Matrix7 $31.00
All Other Schedules No Fee
Audio Recording (CD) $31.00
Certification $11.00
Exemplification $22.00
Any Payment Returned/Denied for Insufficient Funds $53.00
Photocopies (per page) $.50
Record Retrieval from the Federal Records Center 8 Contact the Clerk's Office
Record Search  (No fee will be charged if the item can be found on the court's computerized docket) $31.00
Filing or Indexing of Miscellaneous Paper $47.00
Pro Hac Vice Admission $200.00
PACER Fees $.10/page9
  $2.40/audio recording
Transfer Claim $25.00


 1 The Court accepts cash, checks, money orders, American Express, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover/Novus. Debtors’ personal checks and credit cards will not be accepted when filing a petition. W e do not accept party checks. A voluntary petition by an individual or an individual and spouse may be paid in no more than four (4)installments, upon application to the Court.

2 The fee for filing a petition consists of a filing fee, an administrative fee, and, for chapter 7 petitions, a trustee surcharge, combined here for simplicity.

3 This is a mandatory fee in addition to the fee for appeals and cross appeals. It is due upon filing and may not be waived or deferred.

4 The fee for requesting a direct appeal or cross appeal from a bankruptcy court decision to the Court of Appeals is $298 ($293 appeal fee + $5 notice of appeal fee). If the Court of Appeals authorizes the direct appeal, an additional fee of $207 is due to the Bankruptcy Court.

5 No fee is charged when the conversion order is made on its own by the court (i.e., sua sponte), in the absence of a notice or request of a party. The fee to convert to Chapter 11 is payable upon conversion, rather than upon filing.

6 The exemption from paying the fee to reopen a case applies in only two situations: (1) reopening a case to permit a party to file a complaint to obtain a determination under Rule 4007(b); or (2) reopening a case when a creditor is violating the terms of the discharge under 11 U.S.C. § 524. The court may defer payment of the fee from trustees pending discovery of additional assets. The court will waive a deferred fee when no additional assets are discovered.

7 There is no fee to change the address of a listed creditor, or to add/change the name and address of a listed creditor’s attorney.

8 Generally, $64 fee for the retrieval of one box of records, $39 for the retrieval of each additional box.

9 $3.00 maximum charge per document.