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Local Rules Effective May 15, 1997 (Superseded by Local Rules Effective September 4, 2018))



LBR 1001-1          Scope of Rules; Short Title; Incorporation

                                of District Court Rules


LBR 1002-1          Place for Filing Petition and Other Papers 


LBR 1004-1          Partnership Petition


LBR 1007-1          Lists, Schedules, and Statements


LBR 1007-2          Mailing Matrix


LBR 1009-1          Amendments To Voluntary Petitions, Lists,

                               Schedules, And Statements


LBR 1015-1          Consolidation Or Joint Administration of Cases

                                Pending In Same Court


LBR 1073-1          Assignment And Reassignment of Cases


LBR 2002-1          Notice To Parties In Interest Who Have Requested



LBR 2014-1         Employment of Professional Persons


LBR 2014-2          Non-Professional Employees Of The Trustee


LBR 2015-3          Post-Confirmation Reports


LBR 2016-1          Compensation For Professional Persons


LBR 2017-1          Committees In Chapter 11 and 12 Cases


LBR 3002-1          Proofs of Claim


LBR 3015-1          Chapter 12 and 13 Plans


LBR 3017-1          Transmission and Notice of Plan and Disclosure



LBR 3018-2          Certification of Acceptances and Rejections

                               of Chapter 11 Plans


LBR 3019-1          Modification Of Chapter 11 Plan Before



LBR 3022-1          Closing Chapter 11 Cases


LBR 5003-2          Integrity and Examination of Files   


LBR 5010-1          Reopening Cases


LBR 5011-1          Withdrawal Of Reference


LBR 5080-1          Court Fees


LBR 6004-1          Sale of Estate Property


LBR 6005-1          Employment of Appraisers and Auctioneers


LBR 7024-2          Notice of Claim of Unconstitutionality


LBR 7041-1          Actions to Determine Discharge and



LBR 8004-1          Copies Of Notice Of Appeal


LBR 9001-1          Definitions


LBR 9004-1          Requirements of Form


LBR 9010-1          Appearances


LBR 9013-1          Forms of Pleadings Applying To Certain

                                Contested Matters


LBR 9015-1          Jury Trials


LBR 9019-2          Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)


LBR 9029-2          Administrative Orders