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Application for a Pro Bono Attorney

Effective August 2, 2021, D. Conn. Bankr. L. R. 9083-6 established a Pro Bono Panel to represent qualified individuals in chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, contested matters, and adversary proceedings when such individuals have demonstrated a lack of adequate resources to retain counsel by any other means and such conditional referral is warranted under the circumstances. As explained in Appendix P of our Local Rules, the Commercial Law & Bankruptcy Section of the Connecticut Bar Association (the “CBA Section”) (or a committee or organization designated and responsive to the CBA Section) shall act as the Panel Administrator.  The Panel Administrator will prepare and maintain the list of qualified volunteer attorneys for inclusion on the Panel.

Individuals seeking assistance with chapter 7 bankruptcy cases, contested matters, and adversary proceedings may request Pro Bono Counsel pursuant to D. Conn. Bankr. L. R. 9083-6 and Appendix P.

To initiate such request, such individuals must:

  • first satisfy eligibility criteria listed on the CBA’s website,
  • shall fully complete the Panel Administrator’s application (available through the CBA’s website),
    • including all requested financial disclosures and qualification documents as may be requested or adopted from time to time by the Panel Administrator, and
  • timely submit such completed documentation to the Panel Administrator.

A Panel Attorney will be considered only for individual debtors or married couples who are unable to afford counsel, and who have fully and accurately completed the application and provided the documentation requested by the Panel Administrator in a manner consistent with any protocol and financial limitations adopted by the Panel Administrator.

Application materials and eligibility requirements may be found on the CBA’s website.