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How To Obtain Electronic Filing Privileges for CM/ECF

On October 12, 2021, the Court upgraded to the Next Generation of CM/ECF (NextGen). NextGen provides CM/ECF Filers and Users access to both PACER and CM/ECF with one login and password ("Central Sign-On" or "CSO"). If you had a CM/ECF Filer or User login and password to electronically file with this Court prior to the NextGen upgrade, then you must LINK your existing CM/ECF account with your upgraded individual PACER account to continue to electronically file. Visit the NextGen Information page for details and instructions on linking accounts. NOTE: If you already have a CM/ECF login and password, any new registration or request for electronic filing privileges with the Court will be rejected.

Requesting Electronic Filing Privileges

To request electronic filing privileges to the Court's CM/ECF system, either as a CM/ECF Filer or as a CM/ECF User, you must comply with the requirements of D. Conn. L. Civ. R. 83.1, D. Conn. Bankr. L. R. 9083-1, and Appendix A to the Local Bankruptcy Rules, as applicable to you in your role as an attorney admitted to practice in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Connecticut, including those admitted pro hac vice; case trustee; U.S. Trustee and Assistant U.S. Trustee; U.S. Attorney and Assistant U.S. Attorney; creditor or other entity who files proofs of claim and/or requests for notice; or other party granted permission to electronically file using the Court's CM/ECF system.

Everyone requesting electronic filing privileges to the Court's CM/ECF system must have an Individual PACER account that is upgraded.  More information on how to confirm whether you have an upgraded PACER account, or on opening a new PACER account is available on our NextGen page. PACER also provides answers to frequently asked questions related to NextGen and PACER access on their FAQ page: (this link is to an external page).

Once you confirm that you have an individual PACER account and meet eligibility requirements (see Appendix A) to obtain electronic filing privileges to the Court's CM/ECF system as either a CM/ECF Filer or CM/ECF User, you may then:

  1. Submit a request for electronic filing privileges through your PACER account, and
  2. Complete and submit one of the applicable registration forms listed below.

The Registration Forms listed below are in addition to the request for electronic filing privileges that you submit through PACER. NOTE: Your request for electronic filing privileges with the Court will not be granted if a registration form is not submitted separately.

If you are new to Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF), you must also include the exam attached to the registration form as part of your registration process and review.
If you are familiar with Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF), and have received electronic filing privleges from another court, you do not need to complete the exam.

NOTE: We will accept scanned copies of the registration forms, but a  "wet" or hand signature is required. "/S/" signatures or typed names will not be accepted on these forms.

Please submit the applicable Registration Form and exam, if required, to either address below:

By e-mail:

By mail:
U.S. Bankruptcy Court
450 Main Street, 7th Floor
Hartford, CT 06103

The Clerk’s Office or PACER will send you additional information regarding the status of your application for electronic filing privileges.