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Multi-court Voice Case Information System (McVCIS)

By dialing toll free (866) 222-8029 from a touch tone phone, you may determine whether a party has filed for bankruptcy, and gain a considerable amount of case information.
McVCIS allows you to call from any touch tone telephone to obtain the latest information on a case, including:

  • Case Number
  • Trustee
  • Name of Debtor(s) or Parties
  • Case Filing Date
  • Judge
  • Discharge Date (if any)
  • Case Chapter
  • 341 Meeting Date, Time and Location
  • Attorney for Debtor(s)
  • Status of Case

How do I search for a case?
McVCIS offers searching by case number, name, social security number or taxID number.  By using the keys on your telephone, you can enter the search information.  The computer will then search for the proper case(s) and report its findings.

What do I need to use McVCIS?

A standard touch tone telephone is all that is needed to use McVCIS.  Before calling McVCIS, have any of the folloing information ready to enter:

  • Case Number
  • Social Security of the Petitioner, or Petitioner's Name

To access cases filed in the District of Connecticut, either say "Connecticut" once the automated teller asks for the name of the District or navigate through the initial phone tree (press 1 for English (or 2 for Spanish), then 2 for States that start with "A, B, or C", then 8 for "Connecticut Bankruptcy").

How much does McVCIS cost?
This information service is provided free of charge.
When is McVCIS available?
McVCIS is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, except for occasional maintenance periods.