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Local Bankr.R.3007-2

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Local Bankr. R. 3007-2 Omnibus Claim Objection Procedures.

If an omnibus claim objection is to be filed, the objecting party must attach the Local Form 420B Notice of Objection to Claim Form to the omnibus claim objection, and the following procedures shall be followed:

(a)      The objecting party shall object to no more than one hundred (100) proofs of claim in one pleading;

(b)      Copies of the claims need not be attached to the omnibus claim objection. However, the objecting party shall comply with Local Bankr. R. 3007-1(a) and notify each claimant that a copy of the claim may be obtained from the objecting party upon request; and,

(c)      The notice of hearing and objection shall be served in accordance with FRBP 2002(g) and FRBP 7004.