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Local Bankr.R.3007-1

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Local Bankr. R. 3007-1 Claim Objections.

(a)      Contents of the Objection. Every objection to a claim shall identify the proof of claim, if any, by claim number as set forth in the Claims Register, the claimant, the amount, the priority classification, and the filing date of the proof of claim. If the amount or classification of the claim is disputed, the objection shall state the amount of the claim, if any, that is not in dispute and the classification considered proper by the objecting party.

The objection shall state with particularity the basis for the objection. The objecting party must attach the Local Form 420B Notice of Objection to Claim Form to every objection to a claim. 

(b)      Service. The objecting party shall serve the Local Form 420B Notice of Objection to Claim Form with any claim objection and the notice of hearing upon the claimant at the address provided on the proof of claim, and if applicable, upon the claimant’s attorney of record. The objecting party shall file a Certificate of Service with the objection.

See preferred forms of orders.