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Local Bankr.R.7067-1

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Local Bankr. R. 7067-1 Registry Fund.

  1. Deposit.

The deposit of any money into the registry of the Court shall be as directed by written order of the Court. Funds so deposited shall be invested by the Clerk of the Court in accordance with the terms of the order. All payments for deposit shall be made payable to “Clerk, U.S. Bankruptcy Court” and are accepted subject to collection.

  1. Withdrawal.

The withdrawal of funds in the registry shall be in accordance with a written order of the Court. The disbursement of accrued interest shall only be made if the order so provides. Any order for the distribution of less than all funds and accrued interest on deposit with the Court shall be denominated “Order for Partial Distribution from the Registry of the Court,” otherwise the order shall be treated as an Order for Final Distribution. Whenever an Order for Final Distribution from the registry of the Court does not provide for the distribution of all funds or interest on deposit, the Clerk of the Court shall pay such funds into the Treasury of the United States. This rule applies to both adversary proceedings and bankruptcy cases.

  1. Statement of Payee’s Name, Address, and Tax Identification Number.

All orders authorizing disbursement from the registry shall state the payee’s name, address, tax identification number, redacted to include only the last four (4) digits of the number, and the dollar amount to be paid. Prior to receiving any disbursement from the registry, each payee shall deliver to the Clerk of the Court an executed IRS Form W-9, or other applicable documents.


See Local Form Application for Payment of Unclaimed Funds.