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Local Bankr.R.9013-1

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Local Bankr. R. 9013-1         Form of Pleading of Certain Contested Matters.

Motions for relief, including Motions for Continuances, shall conform to FRBP 9013.  A Request for Continuance of Initial Hearing shall only be filed with a motion or application that is a Contested Matter in accordance with FRBP 9014 and Local Bankr. R. 9014-1.

Motions seeking relief under the following sections of the Bankruptcy Code shall comply with the requirements of FRBP 7010:

Section 362(d)

Relief from the automatic stay;

Section 363(c)

Use of cash collateral;

Section 363(f)

Sale free and clear of interests in property;

Section 364(d)

Obtain or incur debt secured by a senior or equal lien;

Section 365(a)-(f)

Assumption or rejection of executory contracts and unexpired leases;

Section 506    

Determination of secured status; and

Section 522(f)

Avoidance of fixing of liens.