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Local Bankr.R.2002-1

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Local Bankr. R. 2002-1 Notice and Service to Creditors and Other Interested Parties.

(a)     Notice and Service to Parties in Interest Who Have Requested Service.

In addition to the requirements of any other applicable rule governing  service, See Appendix A and unless otherwise ordered by the Court, a copy of all motions, pleadings, applications, petitions, and other papers filed in a case shall be timely served on any party in interest who has filed a written demand for such service and on any ECF filer through the Court's CM/ECF system and a Certificate of Service shall be filed evidencing that such service has been made. When filing the Creditor List in any case, the address of any business entity such as a corporation, partnership, or bank, shall also include in the full address an attention line to an Officer, President, Director, Manager, or General Agent of the business entity, though not necessarily by individual name.

(b)     Debtor to Provide Notice and Service if Creditor List not filed.

If the Creditor List required by 11 U.S.C. § 521(a)(1)(A) and Local Bankr. R. 1007-1(a) has not been filed, and notice is required to be served by the Clerk or a party other than the Debtor, the Debtor shall serve the notice and file a Certificate of Service evidencing that such service has been made.