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Local Bankr.R.6005-2

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Local Bankr. R. 6005-2 Employment of Appraisers.

(a)      In addition to Local Bankr. R. 2014-1.1, all applications for the appointment of an appraiser or a valuation expert ("appraiser") shall be filed with the Court for approval. Said applications shall contain at a minimum the following information:

(1)      A statement setting forth in what manner and by whom the costs of the appraisal will be paid, and if payment is to be made from assets of the estate, a statement that the estate has adequate funds with which to pay the appraisal fee;

(2)      The name and address of the appraiser and the estimated maximum amount of the appraisal fee;

(3)      A description of the item(s) to be appraised, their estimated value and the time required for the appraisal; and

(4)      If the appraiser sought to be appointed will incur travel expenses in connection with the appraisal, an explanation as to why a local appraiser is unavailable or unsuitable.

(b)    All applications for allowance of appraiser's fees for services rendered or reimbursement of expenses which exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) or more, shall, in addition to the requirements set forth in the Bankruptcy Code and FRBP 2016(a), contain the following information:

(1)      The date of the order of appointment;

(2)      In concise form, a general narrative statement of the nature of the services provided; and

(3)      A statement, based upon records prepared contemporaneously with the services rendered, indicating:

(A)      The dates the services were rendered;

(B)      The identity of the person or persons rendering such services; and

(C)      The total compensation sought by each person providing the services.