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Local Bankr.R.1015-1

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Local Bankr. R. 1015-1 Joint Administration.

(a)      Any Motion for Joint Administration shall be scheduled for a hearing. See Appendix N. A Motion for Joint Administration pursuant to FRBP 1015,  must be supported by an affidavit, declaration, or verification which establishes that the joint administration of two or more cases pending in this Court under the Bankruptcy Code is warranted. An Order granting a Motion for Joint Administration entered in accordance with this Local Rule may be reconsidered for cause upon the motion of any party-in-interest at any time.

(b)     Upon entry of an Order granting a Motion for Joint Administration of cases, notice thereof shall be served by the Debtor on all creditors and other  parties-in-interest.

(c)      Jointly administered cases shall be assigned to the Bankruptcy Judge to whom the first filed lead case was assigned.

(d)      All pleadings and other papers filed in jointly administered cases shall bear a combined caption with the legend "Jointly Administered." Except as  provided in subsection (e) and (f) of this Rule, pleadings and other papers shall be docketed and placed in the case file of the lead case only.

(e)      Any proofs of claim filed in jointly administered cases shall be filed by the claimant in the claims register for the Debtor against which the claim is asserted.

(f)      Notwithstanding the joint administration of cases, each Debtor shall file its own Schedule of assets and liabilities in each case, unless an order for substantive consolidation has entered.

(g)     An Order granting a Motion for Joint Administration under this Local Rule is for procedural purposes only and shall not be cause for substantive consolidation of the respective Debtors’ estates.