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Local Bankr.R.1009-1

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Local Bankr. R. 1009-1 Amendments to Creditor Lists, Schedules, and Statements.

If any Creditor List, Schedule, or Statement is amended to add new parties, to make corrections or changes to mailing addresses, or to remove parties who have not yet filed a proof of claim, the Debtor shall, within seven (7) days of the filing of any amendment, file with the document (i) with respect to adding new creditors, an amendment to the Creditor List, Schedules and/or Statements, as applicable, which shall include as necessary the names, addresses of the parties to be added or corrected, and the amounts of such claims; (ii) with respect to removing parties from the Creditor List, Schedules, and/or Statements, a list clearly and conspicuously identifying the names of the creditor being removed and the fact that such creditor(s) is/are being removed. A Certificate of Service shall also be filed with each amendment, clearly identifying the amendment or correction to be made to the Creditor List.  The Court may set a new bar date for the added creditor for filing a Proof of Claim, a complaint to determine dischargeability of a debt, and/or a motion or complaint objecting to discharge