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Local Bankr.R.5003-1

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Local Bankr. R. 5003-1 Clerk of Court - General Authority.

(a)      Clerk of Court Authorized to Amend Form of Creditor List. The Clerk of Court shall be authorized to change the form of the Creditor List required by Local Bankr. R. 1007-1(a) to meet requirements of any automated case management system employed by the Clerk. The Bankruptcy Clerk shall give appropriate notice to the bar of any such change in form.

(b)      Clerk of Court Authorized to Refuse Certain Forms of Payment. The Bankruptcy Clerk shall maintain a list of all attorneys and law firms whose checks or credit or debit cards have been dishonored. The Bankruptcy Clerk may refuse future check, credit or debit card payments from such attorneys or firms and require an alternative form of payment.

(c)      Clerk of Court Authorized to Refund or Return Electronic Filing Fee Payments.  The Clerk of Court shall be authorized to establish policy and procedures for issuing refunds in accordance with the Guide to Judiciary Policy, Volume 4, Chapter 6, § 650.  In addition, the Clerk is authorized to refund all duplicate or erroneous fees paid through directly or through the electronic filing fee tool in CM/ECF under the following circumstances:

   (1)    When the Clerk's Office discovers that a duplicate fee or an erroneous payment has been paid; or

   (2)    When an attorney files a request for a refund and the Clerk's Office confirms that the fee was a duplicate or an erroneous payment.


CM/ECF Filers and Users seeking a refund shall submit a written application in the form of a letter.  The letter shall include the name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address of the party requesting the refund.  Supporting documentation shall be attached, including a copy of the electronic payment receipt and the Notice(s) of Electronic Filing generated from CM/ECF, if applicable.  The letter and supporting documentation shall be mailed or e-mailed as follows:


   United States Bankruptcy Court

   Attn: Finance Department

   450 Main Street, 7th Floor

    Hartford, CT  06103

    Email Address:


Upon verification of the information submitted by a CM/ECF Filer or User, under the direction of the Clerk of Court, the Finance Department shall process the refund to the same credit card from which the duplicate or erroneous payment was made and shall record the refund on the case or adversary proceeding docket.  Refund checks will not be issued.