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Local Bankr.R.9019-1

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Local Bankr. R. 9019-1         Motions to Compromise.

  1. Filing.
    1. A motion to compromise a dispute under FRBP 9019 shall be filed in the bankruptcy case.
    1. A motion to compromise an adversary proceeding shall be filed in the main bankruptcy case and in the adversary proceeding. It shall bear the caption of the main bankruptcy case and the adversary proceeding.
    1. Unless otherwise ordered by the Court, a motion to compromise shall identify any proposed releases to be granted by the parties to the settlement agreement and shall have attached to it the applicable settlement documents.
  1. Notice.
    1. Motions to compromise adversary proceedings are also governed by Local Bankr. R. 7007-1.
    1. Motions to compromise and motions that contemplate a dismissal of an objection to discharge under 11 U.S.C. § 727 shall identify the cause of action and any consideration paid or agreed to be paid and shall be served on all creditors and parties-in-interest.
      1. The Clerk shall issue a notice of hearing for any such motion that includes the information that creditors and parties-in-interest may seek to intervene in the adversary proceeding if they choose. The movant’s counsel shall serve the notice, the motion, and the proposed order on all creditors in the Debtor’s case, and shall file a Certificate of Service in the adversary proceeding.