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Local Bankr.R.1019-1

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Local Bankr. R. 1019-1 Conversion of Case to Chapter 7 or 13; Documents Required to Be Filed.

(a)      Conversion of Case to Chapter 7.  A Motion to Convert a Chapter 11 or 12 case to Chapter 7 filed by a Debtor, or a Motion to Convert a Chapter 11, 12, or 13 case to a Chapter 7 case filed by a party other than a Debtor, shall be set for hearing.  See Appendix N.  A Motion to Convert a Chapter 13 case to Chapter 7 filed by a Debtor may be set for hearing. See Appendix M

Within fourteen (14) days after the entry of an order converting a case to Chapter 7, the Debtor shall file a schedule of assets remaining in the Debtor’s possession as of the date of conversion, a list of abandoned property, a list of property against which relief from the automatic stay was granted, a schedule of assets and a schedule of unpaid post-petition obligations or expenses. If the Debtor is an individual, a statement of current monthly income and a means test calculation shall also be timely filed on the Official Forms. The schedules/statements shall be signed by the Debtor under penalty of perjury certifying that the schedules/statements and any attachments have been read by the Debtor and that they are true and correct to the best of the Debtor’s knowledge, information, and belief.

(b)     Conversion of Case to Chapter 13. If a case is converted to a case under Chapter 13, a Statement of Current Monthly Income and Calculation of Commitment Period and Disposable Income   Official Form 122C  , shall be filed and served on the Chapter 13 Trustee.