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Next Call Calendar

As the Court returns to in-person hearings, seating in the courtroom spaces will be limited to promote social distancing.  For in-person and hybrid hearings, case participants must not enter a courtroom until instructed to do so, or until their matter appears on the "Next Call Calendar."

All persons will have access to Next Call Calendar webpages that display the next in-person/hybrid matter(s) to be called by the Court.  Case participants appearing in those matter(s) should enter the courtroom when they see their matter(s) displayed on the Next Call Calendar. 

The Court will install iPads in the courtroom foyer and outer hallway to display the Next Call Calendar, but again, anyone with internet access can access a Next Call Calendar by clicking to the appropriate link below.  Consider using your smart phone to monitor the calendar's progress.  Any browser should be able to pull up any of the Next Call Calendars.

Please remember that parties and counsel should not enter the courtroom until your matter(s) is displayed on the "Next Call Calendar."

Next Call Calendars for today:

Chief Judge Ann M. Nevins Next Call Calendar - AMN
Judge Julie A. Manning Next Call Calendar - JAM
Judge James J. Tancredi Next Call Calendar - JJT