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United States Bankruptcy Court
District of Connecticut


Judicial Misconduct
and Disability

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Chief Bankruptcy Judge
Hon. Julie A. Manning

Acting Clerk of Court
Myrna Atwater

Clerk's Office
450 Main Street
Hartford, CT 06103
(860) 240-3675

Selected Opinions (2002)


12/31/2002 Shiff Order Dismissing Case with Prejudice and Imposing Sanctions Against the Debtors for Cause Shown In re: Amin Hasan and Mateen Hasan Case No.02-51367 Consolidated. No.00-51236
12/27/2002 Shiff Order on Standing of Official Committee of Unsecured Creditors In re: Stanwich Financial Services Corp. Case No. 01-50831 AP No. 02-05023
12/23/2002 Shiff Order on Debtor's Applications for Interim Compensation In re: Scott Cable Communications, Inc. Case No.98-51923
12/19/2002 Shiff Memorandum and Order on Employment Claim In re: Bridgeport Jai Alai, Inc., d/b/a Shoreline Star Greyhound Park & Entertainment Complex, debtor - Paul Weintrau, plaintiff v. Bridgeport Jai Alai, Inc., and A. Robert Zeff, defendants Case No. 96-51183 Adv.No.00-05116
12/12/2002 Dabrowski Stay Pending Appeal of Decision on Objection to Confirmation In re: George I. Koper Case No. 99-30277
12/11/2002 Weil Homestead exemption and former marital residence In re: Patricia M Kujan case No.99-34933
12/06/2002 Dabrowski Memorandum of decision on objection to discharge In re: Stephen A. Cacioli  Case No.98-31593 
Adv No. 98-3239
11/13/2002 Krechevsky Bankruptcy Contempt In Re Egbarin v. Connecticut Diagnostics, LLC and Robert Schwer Case No.: 00-23132
10/31/2002 Dabrowski Objection to Confirmation In re George I. Koper 99-30277  Decision
In re George I. Koper 99-30277  Order
10/31/2002 Krechevsky Lien Avoidance In Re Fairchild, No. 97-20867
10/11/2002 Weil Pro se filing of bankruptcy case by artificial entity and "cause" pursuant to Section 707(a) In re Interiors of Yesterday, LLC Case No.02-30563
10/09/2002 Krechevsky Motion for extension of time Handy & Harman Refining Group, Inc. v. Coeur D'Alene Mines Corp., (In re Handy & Harman Refining Group, Inc.) Case No. 02-20845, Adv. No. 02-2046
10/01/2002 Shiff Memorandum of decision on motion to dismiss Gantos, Inc., Case No. 99-51806, Adv No. 01-5164
09/19/2002 Shiff Motion for relief from stay Gershon Navon, Involuntary Case No. 01-51149
09/18/2002 Weil Dischargeability of guardian ad litem fees pursuant to Section 523(a)(5) In Re Tia Cherie Manzi No. 00-32686 Adv. Case. No. 00-3118
09/13/2002 Dabrowski Dischargeability of debt under Section 523(a)(4). In Re Harry S. Eberhat No.95-31694  Adv. Case  No. 95-3086
09/13/2002 Shiff Ruling on Summary Judgment motion to dismiss In Re Squillante Enterprises, Inc, Jozef Juck No. 01-51123, Adv. Case No. 01-05131
09/06/2002 Dabrowski Ruling on Summary Judgment in a 523(a) case In Re Charles G. Miller 98-31343
09/03/2002 Shiff Decision on Denial of  Discharge of Debtor Erika M. Kurtaj, Case No. 01-51261 
Adv No. 01-5065
08/19/2002 Dabrowski Decision on Objection to Confirmation of Plan In Re: Joey S. Pellegrino 01-35866
08/01/2002 Krechevsky Relief from Stay In Re Shared Techs. Cellular, Inc., Case No 01-22988
07/31/2002 Weil Personal injury tort claim and relief from stat/abstention In Re Ice Cream Liquidation, Inc. fka Fieldbrook Farms, Inc. 01-34624
07/25/2002 Krechevsky Probate Exemption In Re McNamara, Case No. 97-22567, Adv. No. 01-02074
07/10/2002 Krechevsky Post-Petition Financing In Re Seth Co., Inc., Case No. 01-22241
06/27/2002 Krechevsky Fee Application In Re Colonial Realty Co., Case No. 90-21980
05/22/2002 Dabrowski  Findings of fact and conclusions of law on complaint for avoidance and recovery of transfers In Re Kennedy, No. 96-33052
05/22/2002 Krechevsky Bad Faith Filing In Re Keobapha, Case No. 00-22046
04/23/2002 Weil True or bona fide lease under Section 356(d)(10) In Re Circuit-Wise, Inc., No. 01-31518
4/19/2002 Krechevsky Trustee Compensation In Re Main Realty & Mgmt., LLC,, Case No. 00-23242
04/17/2002 Shiff Civil Procedure In Re Michaelesco, No. 01-50330
04/16/2002 Weil Reopening a Chapter 7
"No Asset" Case
In Re Kenneth S. Boland,  No. 01-31628
02/20/2002 Krechevsky Vacate Order In Re Leary, No. 01-21763
02/12/2002 Krechevsky Dischargeability In Re Roe, No. not available
01/11/2002 Krechevsky Standing In Re Cooper v. Gorski, No. 01-22405/01-2120 
01/10/2002 Weil Dischargeability of credit card debt In Re Truong, No. 01-32242