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United States Bankruptcy Court
District of Connecticut


Judicial Misconduct
and Disability

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Chief Bankruptcy Judge
Hon. Julie A. Manning

Acting Clerk of Court
Myrna Atwater

Clerk's Office
450 Main Street
Hartford, CT 06103
(860) 240-3675

Selected Opinions (2001)


12/27/2001 Krechevsky Contracts No. 00-20845/ 01-2026 United States v. Credit Suisse, No. 00-20846/ 01-2027 (Jointly administered
12/12/2001 Weil Exemption and resulting trust In Re Cantrell, No. 01-30610
12/11/2001 Dabrowski Preferential transfer In Re Carrozzella & Richardson, No. 95-31231
11/29/2001 Dabrowski Avoidance of transfers In Re Carrozzella & Richardson, No. 95-31231
11/26/2001 Krechevsky Automatic stay In Re Gelinas, No. 01-22367
11/16/2001 Dabrowski Motion to re-open In Re Varrone, No. 98-34596
10/12/2001 Krechevsky Exemption In Re McMasters, No. 96-22167/ 99-2119
08/17/2001 Goettel Appointment of trustee In Re Dragone, No. 3:00CV2338
08/16/2001 Shiff Reconsideration In Re Altman, No.94-51898
08/03/2001 Arterton Romaniell v. Daly, No. 3:00CV2354
07/27/2001 Krechevsky Dischargeability Reilly v. Miano (In Re Miano). Adv. Pro No.. 99-2100
07/13/2001 Krechevsky Fifth Amendment In Re Handy & Harman Refining Group, No.00-20845
07/13/2001 Krechevsky Constructive trust In Re Handy & Harman Refining Group, No.00-20845
06/29/2001 Dabrowski Adversary proceeding In Re Soboslai, No. 97-34147
06/28/2001 Krechevsky Personal jurisdiction Williams v. Law Society of Hong Kong (In Re Williams), No.00-2071
06/27/2001 Shiff Eviction proceedings In Re Burgos, No. 00-51245
06/19/2001 Krechevsky Fraudulent transfers In Re Boyd. No. 94-2371
06/13/2001 Dabrowski Preferential, fraudulent transfers In Re Van Dyck/Columbia Printing, No. 95-30979
06/08/2001 Shiff Alimony In Re Cooper, No. 94-50423, Adv. No. 945109
06/07/2001 Shiff Transfer of venue In Re Scott Cable Communications Inc, No. 98-51923, Adv. No.98-5104
05/24/2001 Krechevsky Nondischargeability In Re Hultman, No. 00-2107;00-2106
05/09/2001 Krechevsky Constructive trust In Re Handy & Harman Refining Group, No. 00-20845
04/26/2001 Krechevsky Cash collateral In Re Cavros, No. 01-20209
04/18/2001 Shiff Settlement approval In Re Raytech Corp., No.89-00293
03/30/2001 Krechevsky Motion to Dismiss In Re Reilly, No. 99-02137
03/02/2001 Dabrowski Statute of Limitations In Re Segretario, No. 96-30082
03/02/2001 Dabrowski Statute of Limitations In Re Segre's Iron Works, Inc., No. 96-30081
03/01/2001 Krechevsky Involuntary Case; sanctions In Re Squillante, No. 00-20814
02/28/2001 Dabrowski Preferential Transfers In Re Carrozzella, No.95-31231
02/15/2001 Krechevsky Denial of Discharge In Re Blonder, No. 90-21344
02/02/2001 Shiff Injunctive Relief In Re Commco Tech., LLC, No.00-51488
02/01/2001 Krechevsky Relief from Stay In Re Rodio, No. 00-22391
01/09/2001 Shiff Landlord/Tenant In Re Capp Indus., Inc., No. 98-51720
01/04/2001 Krechevsky Property of Estate In Re Haralambous, No. 98-21363